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UN Day, the 24 th October, 2020 something unique and cool will happen! 
Join – and celebrate with us! 

CQCQ 20201


A broadcast created by children and young people from different parts of the world.
Location: internet at 12:00 CEST

Responsible for the broadcast is the ideal cultural association SEEK YOU SEEK YOU – Youth in Creative Global Communication (NGO), whose members since 2011 supervised students to make a global broadcast over internet.

Every year, we have contacts with different schoolsand organisations in many countries and collaborate with them for the creating of the annual UN Day broadcast.
If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us.


See You over the internet on October 24 at 12.00 CEST.



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¨Falkenberg Calling the World¨

Seek You Seek You organized the Film Camp, Falkenberg Calling the World this summer, in collaboration with support of  Falkenbergs Kommun and Region Halland. Participants were between 10 – 14 years old Now the participants’ films are participating in this year’s PLAY festival !!! Come September 15 to Halmstad and watch!

Festival at the theatre academy Teater Albatross

This weekend we join the theatre academy Teater Albatross, at Tokalynga in Sweden. There will be a very interesting festival with performances and lectures around genocides in history but also in our time. Seek you Seek you will participate with a meditation with music and poetry on the risks that our futurue is facing concerning nuclear distasters. We will also present our educational collaboration with Manana Youth Center in Yerevan Armenia. For the program see:

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